3D Ultrasounds

3D Ultrasound Colorado Springs

As a part of our obstetric services, COOB Women’s Health is now offering a free 3D ultrasound done between 28 – 32 weeks if your insurance does not pay for one. This is an excellent keepsake to remember your pregnancy journey and a special moment for many.

Like a normal ultrasound, sound waves are used to create the image of your baby in the womb.  The difference is that the image is now three-dimensional.  3D ultrasounds are very special as they allow you to see a more complete picture of your new baby’s facial features.

3D ultrasounds have been studied carefully and are completely safe for you and your baby.  The process is very similar to getting a normal ultrasound. You will be asked to lay down and a sonogram technician will apply gel to your tummy. A transducer will be held against your stomach and moved around to capture the image.  Hundreds of images are captured in the form of echoes and complied by the computer to form the image you will see on the screen next to you. Photos will be printed out and arranged for you to take home with you. The procedure is painless and a very special moment for parents and family.

Sometimes depending on the position your baby is in, it can be difficult to get a clear picture at first. The sonogram technician might ask you to walk around for a bit, drink some water, massage your tummy or talk to the baby to encourage a different position.

Our Colorado Springs office would love to care for you and your growing baby. Contact our office to get an appointment scheduled. 719-634-8800.