Best Apps for Tracking Your Period or Pregnancy

We all depend on apps to make our lives easier. Whether we're ordering groceries or tracking our finances, these handy tools are always at our fingertips to help organize and inform. So it's no surprise that there are scores of apps to help track your pregnancy or periods. Of course, any time you have so many choices it can get overwhelming. To make it easier to pick, here are some of our favorites.

Pregnancy Apps

1 - The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

You're probably already aware of their website, so you should know that The Bump has an app that is also informative and encouraging. It has a planner that suggests questions to prepare you for every doctor visit. You can see an interactive 3D image of what your baby looks like from week to week, and there are experts on hand to answer all your questions in real time. The Bump staff adds content daily that corresponds to how far along you are in your pregnancy. It's also great for managing registries. You'll find 15,000 products with reviews to help you decide what to put on your registry, and then it can keep track of what has been purchased, even at multiple stores. Pregnancy Apps

Available for iOS and Android.

2 - What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Like the iconic book What to Expect When You're Expecting, this app is chock-full of sensible, trustworthy advice. Over 15,000 articles by experts will provide the answer to just about any question you can come up with. You can see weekly videos about your stage of pregnancy. You'll also get week-by-week information about your baby's development and changes in your body. This information powerhouse also has a great guide of tests and screenings, and when you'll need them.

Available for iOS and Android.

3 - BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker and Countdown

Daily pregnancy news, nutrition tips, exercise advice, and tips for your stage of pregnancy makes this app a friendly source of information all through your pregnancy and beyond. There are fun features like the "bumpie photo diary" to keep track of your growing belly, a kick counter, and contraction timer. Once you give birth, it switches to a daily parenting guide, to walk you through the first year with a newborn. You'll find an active forum so you can connect with other expecting moms to share the excitement of this journey.

Get it for iOS or Android.

Period Tracking Apps

1 - Period Calendar

This app not only predicts when your period will start, but it can also help you determine when you ovulate, which can be helpful if you're trying to conceive. It not only uses the timing of your period to predict ovulation, but you can input your temperature for greater accuracy. You can also use it to keep track of fertility signs, such as cervical firmness and cervical mucus.Ovulation Apps

Available for Android.

2 - Flo Period Tracker

The more information you input, the better this app gets at predicting your next period or ovulation. It provides information on your fertility and health based on your data. You can use it to keep track of your weight, mood, and activity as it relates to your cycle. Data such as ovulation, fertility, and symptoms are shown in handy graphs.

Available for iOS and Android.

3 - Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

This no-nonsense period tracker promises no flowers or butterflies, just solid information. You can keep tabs on lots of details that aren't covered by other apps, including how heavy your flow is, menstrual products used, energy levels, and cravings. All of this information is assimilated to help you spot patterns in your cycle. You can set it to remind you to take your birth control.

iOS and Android.

Knowledge is power, and that's especially true when you're learning about your own body. The right app can help you navigate your period or pregnancy, and empower you with the facts you need.