COOB – Do You Need an OBGYN for Pregnancy?

Becoming pregnant can be one of the most beautiful, exciting, yet scary times in a woman’s life. A mixture of emotions can flood your mind while you arrange plans for the new arrival. With all the questions and concerns you might have, one question you may ask yourself—do you need an OBGYN for the pregnancy?

What is an OBGYN?

OBGYN is an acronym for obstetrics and gynecology. These physicians specialize in women’s health and pregnancy. They take care of female patients from puberty and up regarding an assortment of needs such as birth control, STD care, prenatal visits, delivering babies, menopausal care, and various surgeries and procedures related to the female reproductive system.

When Do You Need an OBGYN for Pregnancy?

Once you find out you are pregnant through a home pregnancy test or from your regular doctor’s office, be sure to schedule an appointment with Colorado Obstetrics and Women’s Health your OBGYN in Colorado Springs as soon as possible. Your first visit should be around 8 weeks gestation, or about a month after your first missed period. If you are having problems such as vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, contact our clinic immediately as you may need to come in earlier.

During your first prenatal visit, we want to get to know you so we can plan the best prenatal care for your specific needs. This appointment involves confirming pregnancy, discussing your due date, health history, and possible risk factors. In addition, plan on scheduling your future visits. Most women see their OBGYN 10-15 times throughout the pregnancy.

A routine prenatal schedule:

  • Weeks 4 to 27 (first and second trimester)—visits are once a month
  • Weeks 28 to 36 (beginning of third trimester)—visits are every two weeks
  • Weeks 37 to birth (end of third trimester)—visits are every week until delivery


Why Do You Need an OBGYN for Pregnancy?

Prenatal care is a vital part of a woman’s pregnancy. Your obstetrician will provide physical exams, blood tests, and ultrasounds to monitor for complications, measure fetal growth, and make sure you and your baby are as healthy and safe as possible.

Every pregnancy is different and carries its own risks, so it is important to visit your OBGYN regularly. Health risks your doctor may want to discuss include:

  • Family history/hereditary risks
  • Past pregnancies
  • Age of mom
  • Toxin exposures
  • Medications
  • Drug use such as tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, or illegal drugs
  • Recent travel
  • Other health issues such as heart disease or diabetes

Genetic testing is also available as an option if you are interested in screening for specific birth defects or genetic disorders. As your local OBGYN in Colorado Springs, we will walk you through the information so you can choose with confidence whether you want any testing performed or not.

Our OBGYNs in Colorado Springs answer the question, “Do you need an OBGYN for pregnancy”, every day! We will be here for you through your pregnancy journey and are experts in providing the support and medical care our patients can depend on. Contact us for an appointment with an OBGYN at Colorado Obstetrics and Women’s Health today 719-634-8800.

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