Coping with Infertility

dealing with infertility

Many people who experience fertility problems find that they struggle with strong feelings. If you're navigating the medical realities of infertility, it can be easy to overlook your emotional needs, but you deserve support in every area as you process all the complex factors of infertility.

You may be dealing with difficult feelings

Adjusting what this new diagnosis means for your life can spark many different emotional reactions. People often feel angry at the situation, or even guilty about something that feels like a failure. Give yourself time to get used to the reality of what you're facing, and be patient with yourself as you do.

Some tips to cope with infertility

1. Accept that you're going to experience strong emotions. Having intense feelings isn't the same thing as being out of control. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel without judging yourself for your reactions.

2. Work to stay on the same team as your spouse or partner. If you're feeling guilty or angry, then a well-meaning offer of concern can feel like an attack. Let them know what you're thinking, and listen to them without judgment. You may not know what comes next, but you can face it together.

3. Seek out information. Medical terminology can be confusing. Talk to your doctor about any questions you have, and ask for further resources to learn more.

4. Find support. You don't have to deal with this alone, and you and your partner shouldn't be each other's only source of comfort. Seek out support groups, friends you can trust, or even a professional counselor. Fertility is an extremely private subject, and it's important to have someone you feel safe enough to talk to.

5. Communicate your needs. Let your spouse know what kind of help you need right now. Do you need to vent, cry, or just think about something else for a while? Talk to them about what you'd like them to do for you.

6. Pay extra attention to self-care. You know what will truly make you feel better, it might be a yoga class, a massage, or meditation. Make an extra effort to do whatever comforts you.

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