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We at Colorado Obstetrics & Women's Health in Colorado Springs want to make your experience with us enjoyable and relaxing. We provide complete obstetrical and prenatal care for women in Colorado Springs, for both routine and high-risk pregnancies. During the coming months, prenatal care will require an obstetric ultrasound for an anatomical survey of your baby. Most insurance companies will allow one ultrasound over the course of the pregnancy. This ultrasound is usually performed at approximately 18 weeks gestation, and you will be provided with 2-3 "still" pictures. At your request, we can also verify the gender of your baby.


At Colorado Obstetrics & Women's Health, we are able to offer you obstetrical ultrasounds here in our Colorado Springs office. The ultrasounds are ordered by your provider, performed by a registered sonographer, and interpreted by your physician.

  Colorado Springs Obstetrics

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Obstetrical Training

Dr. Hammond trained at the University of Colorado, which also included working with certified nurse midwives. Now, she serves as an OB/GYN in Colorado Springs. Dr. Hammond understands that childbirth is a unique experience for every family. Dr. Hammond is certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and performs hospital-based procedures, surgeries, and deliveries at Memorial Hospital North, located at 4050 Briargate Parkway.

Dr. Hammond specializes in:

  • Normal pregnancies
  • High-risk pregnancies, including:
    • Twins
    • Premature Labor and Delivery
    • Incompetent Cervix
    • Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)
    • Cesarean Section Delivery
    • Chronic Hypertension Associated with Pregnancy
    • Gestational Diabetes Associated with Pregnancy
    • Other Complications Associated with Pregnancy

Obstetrical Ultrasounds


Our Colorado Springs obstetrics clinic offers fetal ultrasounds that provide you and your doctor with the first glimpse of your developing baby.

  • Obstetric ultrasounds are safe, painless and non-invasive tests used to:
    • Confirm a pregnancy and its location
    • Determine how a pregnancy is progressing, the baby’s growth rate, age, and sex
    • Determine location and development of the placenta
    • Identify possible fetal abnormalities
    • Survey the fetus with a biophysical profile and fetal heart monitor
    • Monitor cervical length for preterm labor
    • Blood flow doppler studies
  • Typically performed between:
    • Dating Ultrasound – 6-9 weeks of pregnancy
    • First Trimester Screening (optional) – 13 weeks of pregnancy
    • Second Trimester Detailed Anatomic Screening – 18-20 weeks of pregnancy
    • Third-trimester evaluation for growth, anatomy, amniotic fluid level or cervical length, which is used to monitor for preterm labor.
    • We also offer a free 3D ultrasound between 28 - 32 weeks if your insurance does not cover it
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