Modern Medical Facilities

With a new, modern medical facility, our Colorado Springs OB/GYN clinic is at the leading edge of women’s healthcare. Our offices are equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology, meaning that all your obstetrical and gynecological needs will be met to the highest possible standards in an environment where you will feel comfortable. Our comprehensive, exceptional care is only matched by our helpful nurse practitioners, women's health specialists, and supportive staff. At COOB, you are part of our family.

Modern Equipment

With our combination of industry leading modern medical tools and our constant initiative to learn more in our field, our patients will benefit greatly from our advanced practices. We ensure a higher level of care without unnecessarily intrusive procedures with the shortest possible recovery time. Our women's health physician is at the forefront of her field and is constantly looking at ways to improve her level of care. Schedule an appointment with Colorado Obstetrics & Women's Health in Colorado Springs today!