How to Research and Select the Best OBGYN

Finding the best OBGYN for you may feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. However, as a woman, these are one of the most important professionals you will consult with. So it’s worth taking the time to do your homework to make sure the specialist you choose is a good fit for you since ideally, this is someone you will trust with your reproductive health for many years to come.

Research the obstetrician’s/gynecologist’s credentials

It may seem obvious but one of the first things to find out is the OBGYN‘s professional credentials. You can find this online at DocInfo, a site run by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). Information such as the physician’s education, certifications, licenses held (and in which states), and disciplinary actions including malpractice can be found here. You want to be sure the OBGYN is board certified in your state.

Find out their history, location, & specialty

Next you’ll want to make some inquiries about the OBGYN‘s professional background and history. For example, do they specialize primarily in labor and delivery, infertility, gynecological surgery, menopausal health or some other area? This can help you narrow down your search as you look for the best OBGYN who specializes in the areas of reproductive health that concern you.

You’ll also want to find out what hospital the OBGYN works in should you need hospital care. Researching hospital quality and reviews is important and easy to overlook when you’re well. Also, don’t forget to find out where their practice is located. You don’t want to do all this research only to find out your ideal specialist works 4 hours away from where you live.

Review your insurance policy’s coverage

Before making your first appointment, don’t forget to review your insurance policy so you know what care is covered by an OBGYN and to what extent. Ideally, you want to minimize how much you pay out-of-pocket while getting the care you need. This might mean having to select the best OBGYN from those that participate in your insurance plan.

Your communication and personality styles need to mesh

During your first visit, pay special attention to how easily you’re able to talk with the OBGYN, especially regarding personal topics like your menstrual period and your sexual activity and preferences. Also, take note of how you feel as the OBGYN talks about these issues with you and asks you questions.

Do you feel comfortable with this person? Do they seem genuinely interested in getting to know you better or do they seem distracted or rushed? It’s important that your personality styles fit well together. Otherwise you’re going to feel uncomfortable each time you visit which may lead you to delay important appointments.

Trust your instincts— you need to feel comfortable to build a healthy relationship

Most of all, you need to “trust your gut” or instincts during and after this initial visit. Maybe a friend or coworker referred you to their OBGYN. However, you just didn’t “click” with this person or the conversation didn’t flow well as you talked with them. Don’t dismiss how you feel. We’re all different. You’re looking to establish a trusting relationship with a specialist who will be understanding and sensitive when you feel awkward or vulnerable. Your OBGYN has to be the right person for you.

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