Savannah J.

Dr. Hammond is amazing! She delivered my first born in 2007 and now I’m expecting my 2nd baby and I’m so happy she will deliver this one as well!

Joanna E.

I had a tough pregnancy, and when my baby came waaaay early at 24 weeks gestation, Dr. Hammond came down to Memorial Central (not where she delivers) after her long days at work to visit me . . . 3 different times, even after caring for other new moms. She didn’t have to do that, but she did out of kindness. When she told me about her NICU background, it all made sense. She had seen first-hand, for many years, what parents go through when their baby comes so early. Dr. Hammond offered true compassion, encouragement, help and hope. . . . AND she knows how to help me next time I’m pregnant, to keep the baby inside longer. By the way, our 24-week micro-preemie is doing great now! I’m thankful for Dr. Hammond’s help through the crazy early days of our daughter’s life.

Megan K.

Dr. Hammond and her whole team were warm and knowledgeable and offered great care throughout my entire pregnancy. I appreciated her proactive approach and willingness to order more ultrasounds or tests as necessary to make you feel comfortable. Her calm demeanor and good humor during labor were tremendously helpful too.

Renna S.

I came to Dr. Hammond in the middle of my pregnancy due to moving from a different city. My experience was great. She has a very busy OBGYN practice but is always available via her staff for any questions or concerns. As the pregnancy progresses, you will see more and more of her at your appointments and make a plan for the delivery. She is very respectful of your delivery wishes and on the day my delivery went as planned. She was present to check my progress throughout the delivery. I will return to her practice with future pregnancies.